I've been collecting and painting miniature figure for many years. Here is just a small sample of my collection as well as other ideas for readily available figures that can be used in Melee.

Sometimes you can find plastic figures at specialty toy stores that just fit in. Here is a four hex, three headed dog made by a company called Papo. I simply glued it down onto a 4 hex base made from one of my templates and flocked with grass and rocks. I still haven't worked up the stats on this guy yet but I'm sure it won't be pretty!

Heroscape has some great figures that work well, especially the larger figures like the giants and the dragons. Plus there's no need to paint them!

There was an old game years ago named "Weapons and Warriors" that came with catapults and cannons. In that game you actually shot marbles at your opponents figures to knock them down to win the game. (And I was doing that years ago as a kid with my army men and tinker toy/rubberband catapults! I guess I was ahead of my time huh?) This is one of those catapults that I modified with Games Workshop pieces and then painted. Makes a great center piece for a fight.

Here are some gargoyles that I picked up at a Michaels store around Halloween last year. They looked pretty good, but even then I repainted mine to darken them down. The orcs are from Heroscape (note the round bases). Is it just me or do these orcs look a lot like the old illustrations of orcs from the Advanced Melee rules book? One of these days I'm going to mount them on square bases and use them in my regular game.

Most of my figures these days are Games Workshop miniatures. Some are the older lead figures and others are the newer, plastic ones. Here's one of each - an old, metal orc on the right and a new plastic orc on the left.

More to come!

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