I've been playing Melee & Wizards since it first came out in the late 70's. Here are some photos of recent games and some past games. Just click on the link to see more photos.

The Sewers of Redpoint
This is a new Dark City Games scenario. It's a great adventure and reminds me of the old Metagaming TFT microgames.
(Be warned!
Spoilers ahead.)

Death Test 1
This is a classic Metagaming mirogame. We played this scenario at Questcon (on Long Island) in October 2006.

Void Station 57
This is a new Dark City Games science fiction scenario. It's a great adventure by the same author of The Sewers of Redpoint.
(Be warned!
Spoilers ahead.)

Void Station 57 - GenCon 08
Pictures from my Void Station 57 game which I ran as a four hour long event at GenCon 2008.
(Be warned!
Spoilers ahead.)

The Dark Vale - ICon 2012
Pictures from my on going Dark Vale campaign. Played at ICon 2012 here on Long Island, NY. (Be warned!
Spoilers ahead.)

There are more, generic game photos shown at the end of each of my Terrain tutorial pages.
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