"The Dark Vale" - ICon 2012

Once again our sometimes gaming group met at this years I-Con Science Fiction convention here on Long Island, NY.

The game this year for the "Iconic Knights of I-Con" (as we call ourselves) was the continuation of Dark City Games "The Dark Vale."

Heading West from the little town of Big Fish (where, I might add, it was "Mutton Monday" at the local inn, hey, it's fish every other day of the week in Big Fish!), anyway, heading West from town the party finds themselves in the pine tree covered, rolling hills of the south side of the Dark Vale. After exploring a stone circle they are beset upon by a mighty, two headed ogre!

One of the PCs was playing a werewolf. Quickly morphing into wolf form she attacked the ogre, only to be squashed into a messy pulp from a tremendous hit from his club. A few rounds later and the dwarf put in the killing blow with his great sword. Thankfully the party was able to ressurect the werewolf using a powerful scroll that they owned.

After exploring the ogres cave/home the party continues South toward a mysterious tower they can see in the distance that sits perched on an arm of the Southern Mountains.

The weather worn letters carved above the entranceway proclaims this ruin as the once magnificent School of Necromancy. Upon entering the ruins they make their way to a tower. Deciding to go up instead of down the party finds empty rooms and class rooms.

Suddenly, out of the walls they are attacked by a swarm of giant rats!

On the next level the group found a room with a large throne flanked by two dragon statues. Strange bone constructs guard the throne.

After defeating the bone constructs the party discovers a secret doorway behind the throne. Making their way up they come upon a class room at the top of the tower. Perhaps this is where the master of the school taught his most advanced students.

Suddenly the undead master appears and summons skeleton warriors. The fight is on!

You can barely see the Master in the last two photos, in front of one of the statues fighting an elf.

There was of course a lot more to this than I'm going to mention. If you ever get the chance to play through this excellent adventure I would not want to ruin too many of the surprises!

This game session definitely kept everyone on the edge of their seats! At the end everyone in the adventuring party was pretty badly banged up and drained. Time to camp down and rest a bit. Especially since they still have to discover what's in the basement of the Tower!

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