"Death Test 1"

The same four adventurers that we used for "The Sewers of Redpoint" (a fighter, an elf, a dwarf and a female wizard) dare to enter the Death Test of the Thorsz. The game was so exciting that I forgot to take many photos. Here we see the party encountering three bowmen in one of the early rooms.

The dreaded bear room where many a player has lost his characters over the years....

Here the party encounters a group of goblins complete with wizards and bowmen. While the wizards cast illusion after illusion of goblin fighters to engage the party with, the bowmen pepper them with arrows. A nasty little combination.

The party did manage to defeat the giant at the end and win the scenario.

What can I say, this is such a classic from the early days of role playing. When you play it for the first time, (or play it again for the 40th time), it will take you back to those early days when gaming was still new and exciting.

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