"The Sewers of Redpoint"

Four adventurers enter the sewers, a fighter, an elf, a dwarf and a female wizard (who has a habit of casting an illusion of a bear named "Stan"). Here we see the poor hapless dwarf being eaten by a monster sewer crocodile. And this is one of the early rooms!

The poor dwarf about to become crocodile food. In a twist of fate the croc goes to chomp down again (with the results to be certain death to the dwarf) when it rolls a 17 and drops him into the foul water instead!

The party encounters a group of desperate murders and rogues.....

...... which "Stan" makes short work of. (Stan by the way is short for Standing Bear. We figure the wizard saw a circus recently so the only kind of illusion of a bear she can cast is of a standing, circus bear!)

The dreaded "Sewer Dwarves" attack!

The party meets them head on in the center of the room. (Note the blood spot at the bottom where one unfortunate dwarf has already met his match.)

Spiders. What's a dungeon adventure without 'em?

"Worm God huh? Well, I think we are getting close...."

Toward the end of the adventure the party has not found the correct keys to open the door into the evil wizards lair. Not a problem when you have Stan with you!

The party enters the final showdown with the evil Worm God's cultists and chief wizard.

The demon from the Black Pearl attempts to silence the wizard of the Worm God...

... but ultimately it's good 'ole Stan that does him in.

Over all this was a wonderful scenario, one that I highly recommend. It took about six hours to play through and everyone that played had a great time.

(Many thanks go out to Sarah, Rob, Gary, Eric and Eileen for playing through this scenario!)

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