"Void Station 57"

The crew of the space ship "Warlock" comes out of hyperdrive at "Void Station 57" only to find the station a total wreck and completely dark, without power or oxygen. Running out of air themselves they are forced to enter the station, try to restart the power and figure out what went wrong....

In these photos the four man crew enter one of the outer rings of the station and make their way through the warehouse. Suddenly a door flies open and they are face to face with two robots bent on their destruction.

The crates offer lots of places to hide from gun fire.....

Next stop is the bridge which they find to be in complete shambles. There's been a lot of fighting on the station recently....

The central core of the computer.

"Buck" and "Cap" try to access the main computers data base...

... while the others stand guard.

(The figures are from the Games Workshop game Space Hulk. The computer consoles are scratch built, the panels were done in Adobe Illustrator.)

Next stop, the armory where things start getting a little rough.

The smaller robots are armed with sharp, ragged swords while the bigger robots have rifles.

(The robots are from various Milton Bradley Heroscape supplements, including the master set.)

A nice aspect of the scenario is that it is a race against time. Each crew members vacuum suit only contains 6 hours of oxygen and it takes time to move and search through rooms. I used a modified clock that I picked up for a few dollars at a local junk store to keep track of the time and to keep the players moving.

Even though we were not able to finish this scenario what we did play of it was great. I highly recommend it. My group will be getting together soon to continue where we left off.

(Many thanks go out to Howard and the rest of the Iconic Knights for giving this a shot!)

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