Over 30 years ago a company called Metagaming released a small set of miniature combat rules simply named “Melee”. Shortly afterwards another of these “Microquest” games was released and was named “Wizards”. Both of these games were written by Steve Jackson (currently of Gurps fame) and at the time they raised the standard of gaming rules to a new level. Both of these games were later released in an Advanced version along with a third set of rules named “In the Labyrinth” (many abreviate the three game books as TFT for “The Fantasy Trip”). Shortly afterwards (due to a variety of reasons) the company folded. At that time this game had a large following and many of us “older” gamers still have fond memories of it’s simplicity of design and ease of use. I personally think nothing better has come along after these many years. In fact there is a large fan base that would love to see this game republished.

It is with this in mind that I offer my tribute page to this great little game in the hopes that older gamers might rediscover it and new players might discover it for the first time.


Once again our sometimes gaming group met at the 2012 I-Con Science Fiction convention here on Long Island, NY.

The game this year was a continuation of Dark City Games "The Dark Vale." New pictures have been added to the Game Photos section!

More to come!

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