A lot of people have been doing web tributes to Melee & Wizard long before me. There is a wealth of information available online as any Google search will reveal. Here are a few of my favorite links.

Dark City Games has just recently been publishing some great adventures that are completely compatable with classic Melee & Wizards. Check them out, and tell them David sent you!

Dark City Games

Joe Hartly runs a TFT tribute web site that offers pdf downloads of all of the original rule books and scenarios. Because the copyright status of the material is still in question you will have to send a statement of intent to the author of the site declaring that you own a legally acquired copy of the original published game. After that you will be able to download the files. Here's the web site:

TFT Rules Downloads

Joe Hartly also runs an e-mail disscussion group for TFT and it's related materials. If you are a fan of TFT then you need to be included on this list. He also archives all past e-mail threads on his web site. It's without a doubt the greatest depository of new information and new ideas for TFT since it went out of print.

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