Improved Weapons and Armor Reference

Having all of the most common weapons on one page makes my job as a GM much easier. It's also a great way to calculate the advantages of great strength when it comes to wearing armor. For the rules purist at heart I've included a list of what I moved or left off below. To download the pdf (144 KB) click the below link. If you have any suggestions about this reference page don't hesitate to contact me!

Click Here to Download the New Weapons and Armor Reference Page.

Here's a list of notes:

• This is meant to be a list of most commonly encountered weapons. I'm shooting for a "typical" fantasy feel for this list and that's why, for the most part, the peculiar weapons are not found here. The except being the Quarterstaff and the Trident.

• Everything is listed under the appropriate Talent for the weapon with the exception of the Trident. For this reference page I listed it as Pole Weapon. (In other words you can use the Trident with the Pole Weapon Talent. To be able to use it in conjunction with a Net you must take the Net and Trident Talent.)

• Cavalry Lance is simply called Lance

• I did not include the Backpack as a passive shield.

• Wizard staffs are listed.

•Thrown rock is listed in the notes for the sling.

• I've included some of the common medieval weapon equivalents in parentheses. You can see this list on page 12 of Advanced Melee. I use miniature figures and many of those figures have these types of weapons. This makes it easier to match the figures weapon to the weapon stats.

• This list has no prices. It's just a quick Reference sheet. Refer back to the original rules for weapon prices.

• MA is listed as a minus, rather than simply a number. (This makes it easier, for example, to figure out the MA of elves or high strength characters.)

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