"The Lost Orb"

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The beginning rounds of the game. More pictures below!

In the early days of Thorsz the First Orbs of great power were created to increase his control over his empire as quickly as possible. He sent powerful wizards controlling these Orbs throughout his empire to tame, civilize and eventually control the surrounding wilds and its people. Over the past several hundred years these Orbs were long forgotten, forgotten until the great wizard warlord Malgor rose to power. Malgor seeks to find all of the forgotten Orbs and use their combined power to enslave all living creatures and bend them to his will. Through the raising of his mighty undead army Malgor is getting closer and closer to achieving his goal of domination. The only hope of the living is to find and gather the remaining Orbs before Malgor does. Thus the "unholy alliances" of men, orcs, dwarves, goblins and elves have been formed to not only fight Malgor's ever advancing army but to search for the hidden resting places of the remaining Orbs of power.

One such Orb has been located deep in a remote area of the Northern range of the Dwarrow Delve Mountains. Moving quickly an alliance of different races force march their way to the ancient site of the discovered Orb. Tensions run high amongst the odd group as mistrust and old insults resurface. It is rumored that the ancient Orbs will grant the person holding it immense power. Power that could be used to settle some old scores as well as fight off Malgor and his armies. When they reach their destination, however, they quickly learn that Malgor has learned of the location of this particular Orb as well, and has sent some of his minions to collect it....

It is the recovery of this Orb and be the last team standing that is the quest of this scenario.

David O. Miller

The Fantasy Trip, Advanced Melee and Wizard ©1980 Metagaming. Game design by Steve Jackson.
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Here are some pictures of one of our games.

Elves, humans, orcs, barbarians, dwarves and goblins battle Malgor's evil, undead minions for control of the Orb of Power!

Note the use of my -2 DX, Reaction to Injury markers in play. The rules for these can be found on my Play Aides page.

Ah, good old blood spots! Only one skeleton left in this photo and the orcs in the middle are about to make a grab for the Orb. The human barbarians (middle, bottom) are just biding their time however....

The Orb is hotly contested. The foreground barbarian on the right picked it up and was shocked. Badly.

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